A Sample Schedule

I wanted to clear up some confusion by posting what I would imagine your two weeks of participation to look like. I understand that everyone will have different schedules and I encourage you to do whatever works best for you, but this is what I imagine the most typical case to look like.

Before you apply – Gather together your cast and crew and plan out a date. Then when you’ve got that figured out, apply for a time slot and fill out TBWSE pledge.

The first Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – Get the script done and figure out any logistics you might have with getting the shoot done.

The first Saturday and Sunday – Shoot your script (be sure to get releases from everyone).

First Monday through second Friday – Edit the project.

Second Saturday and Sunday – Reshoots if necessary, and finish up your edit.

Second Monday and Tuesday – Submit your film to TBWSE, leaving time for technical difficulties. Fill out and sign the licensing agreement.

Hope that helps!

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