First, The Best Web Series Ever rules

  • Each episode should be 1-6 minutes.

  • There are 4 main characters, A and D are male, B and C are female. Indicate which characters are which in some way.

  • Build on the choices others have made. Changing details is okay if it is for stylistic reasons and not merely convenience.

  • Start and finish the story in one episode.

  • Any damage done to the characters must be reversible.

  • You have 2 weeks to make the episode. There is a new episode every other Wednesday.

  • Give the next group something to work with. Introduce some element at the end of your episode that gives the next group some direction.
  • Almost any rule can be broken if you explain yourself to us ahead of time
  • You must submit a bio of your group at the beginning and a script after one week. Also, we’d like to showcase some of your other work in the off week.

  • No vertical video – must be 4:3 or wider

  • There are no quality requirements. Any resolution up to 1080p so long as an audience can tell what is going on.

  • There are no production value expectations. Do whatever your style calls for.

  • Videos must be in English, or any other language with subtitles.
  • Videos must be submitted to us as a file, whether through dropbox, a vimeo download link, a torrent file, or an email. We must have the file, not just the link.

  • A licensing contract must be signed so that we can be sure the website will stay complete. Be sure to get releases from all actors.
  • Everyone participating must be 18 years of age or older, or you need to show me that you have a parent’s permission.

To participate, send an email to with “Participate!” in the subject line. Include in your email a link to some other work you have done in the realm of video (we have to be able to watch it). Also, pick out a few time slots from the Schedule above that you and your group can work with. Once you’ve been approved to participate, we’ll send you the participation pledge. You and your whole group as it is right now will have to sign it. We can’t keep this website up and running if people can’t commit to doing their episode!

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