Episode 1

Introducing the first episode!

This episode kicks off the whole series and features performances by project director Conrad Miszuk, Bailey Williams, Hanna Jones, and Perry Allen, with camera work by Douglas Morehouse, and sound mixing by Brandon Fucello.

A Sample Schedule

I wanted to clear up some confusion by posting what I would imagine your two weeks of participation to look like. I understand that everyone will have different schedules and I encourage you to do whatever works best for you, but this is what I imagine the most typical case to look like.

Before you apply – Gather together your cast and crew and plan out a date. Then when you’ve got that figured out, apply for a time slot and fill out TBWSE pledge.

The first Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – Get the script done and figure out any logistics you might have with getting the shoot done.

The first Saturday and Sunday – Shoot your script (be sure to get releases from everyone).

First Monday through second Friday – Edit the project.

Second Saturday and Sunday – Reshoots if necessary, and finish up your edit.

Second Monday and Tuesday – Submit your film to TBWSE, leaving time for technical difficulties. Fill out and sign the licensing agreement.

Hope that helps!

Welcome to The Best Web Series Ever!

Hello and welcome to the site! The Best Web Series Ever is a completely crowd-sourced web series, drawing on the creativity and innovation of filmmakers everywhere. Each episode is made by a different contributor, using their own crew, locations, and actors. But each of the episodes follows sequentially from the last. We’re really excited to see where it goes!

If you’re interested in participating, the entry bar is low. Just show us that you’ve made something before. Otherwise, check back every other Wednesday to see the next episode!

Thanks for visiting!